Venue/Bad Honnef

The 8th Conference of the International Marangoni Association (IMA8) will take place at the conference center ‘Physikzentrum Bad Honnef’ (Bad Honnef), center run by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V. (German Physical Society) and supported by the University of Bonn and the state North-Rhine-Westphalia. Since 1976 the ‘Physikzentrum Bad Honnef’ serves as the main meeting point of the German Physical Society. It offers a secluded setting for scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, and research meetings.

Bad Honnef is a small town with around 25000 inhabitants near Bonn (15 km) and Cologne (40 km) situated in a beautiful landscape on the foot of the Siebengebirge mountains, on the right bank of the Rhine River (see the map). Due to its location, Bad Honnef can easily be reached from abroad.

 Like so many communities in the fertile Rhine Valley, Honnef (as the town was originally known) focused on the wine production until the late 19th century. 1897 has been discovered in this area a mineral water spring called ‘Drachenquelle’ (Dragon Spring). This discovery transformed the wine-growing town into a spa resort, earning the prefix ‘Bad’ to its name. Since 1897, the Dragon Spring has provided an uninterrupted resource for both drinking and bathing, making Bad Honnef one of the North-Rhine-Westphalia's most popular holiday destinations. During the past three decades, Bad Honnef has developed as an important busy site of conferences.