SCHWIMMTOUR is an innovative project as a part of the campaign "Building the City of Tomorrow". In recent years, climate change and rising sea level have been occuring seriously all over the world. The settlements located near water bodies have been being threatened by floods and sea level rises. Face with the reality, the floating architecture has been becoming an effective solution to help peple cope with climate change and rising sea levels in long term. The Goal of the project is to connect with experts and scientists working on the field of the floating architecture as well as administrations who are interested in the development of floating buildings. The network helps to get experiences and find out solutions to solve the challenges of buildings on the water. The motto of the network is "not again the water but adapt to the water". SCHWIMMTOUR project offers the solutions of floating architecture for urban resilience to against flooding and rising sea levels. The project addresses the challenges of floating building such as using pontoons in a sustainable way, generating smart concepts for using alternative energies, supplying drinking water and recycling waste as well as optimizing materials and building physics.

The campaign of Germany´s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The project SCHWIMMTOUR is a part of the campaign "Building the City of Tomorrow" sponsored by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The target of the campaign is to create viable and sustainable urban environment.

The main goals of campaign are:

  • exchange, evaluation and improvement of existing scientific results
  • improving innovative processes crossing the boundaries of scientific disciplines and societies
  • creating cooperations which will pave the way to shape our cities of the future where are sustainable and secure living areas