The main activities of the Project are to organize and carry out seminars, forums and workshops of floating architecture with many special literatures of floating buildings as well as to organize architectural competition of floating settlement for students in Vietnam. Moreover, making fieldtrips for meaningful experience in floating villages helped the experts collect useful database for discussions in the seminars, forums and workshops. Further more, participation in local construction international fair exhibition is also a significant active of the project.

The objects of project: Adaptation to local conditions

  • Water chemistry and parameters
  • Outdoor climate components
  • Protection of environment
  • Usage of traditional architectural elements

The aim of project for the future

Based on values of traditional architecture, preserve and develop a sustainable floating community with floating houses adapting to climate change and sea level rise in Vietnam

  • Use local and friendly environmental materials
  • Innovative floating structure and lightweight materials
  • Use natural resources
  • Planning of floating community (settlement)
  • Self-sufficient system (renewable energies, sanitation ...etc.)

Activities with partners:

  • Planning and processing for the next innovative projects
  • Organization of the 4th conference of Floating Architecture, cooperating with Graduate Research School of BTU.
  • Exchange scientists, planners and students
  • Architectural competition of floating buildings for students.