Reading and group work areas

Quiet reading rooms

Quiet reading areas which are clearly signposted allow undisturbed studying with or without PCs or notebooks, which can be found in the Central Library:

2nd floor south-western reading rooms and places on the gallery
3rd floor north-eastern reading rooms'
5th floor both reading rooms in the northern area

In Senftenberg and Sachsendorf you can find single reading tables for undisturbed studying

Group work

To work and study in a group, special rooms are available within the library.

Central Campus Cottbus
  • cafeteria in the entrance area of the library
  • reading room on the 4th floor
  • Computer room in the basement - Use only by appointment
    (T + 49 (0)355 69 2585)
Campus Senftenberg
  • 2 separate , but open areas on the 1st floor of the library
Campus Sachsendorf
  • 2 seperate rooms, each for maximum 12 people

Reading corner

On the ground floor of the Central Library, a comfortable reading corner with chairs is available. Feel free to take a seat to read newspapers, magazines, advertising brochure, flyers and information material.

Special reading desk at ICMC

To work with material from the interlibrary loan which cannot be borrowed or material from our special collections from the closed stacks (Mag./Ra), the library has a special reading desk available.

The desk can be found on the ground floor.

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