Working cabins

In all three libraries you can find lockable working cabins. They will primarily be rented to BTU C-S students and research associates for writing scientific papers. This includes dissertations, master and bachelor theses or post doctoral theses.

Please observe the following rules when renting a working cabin:

  • Media from the stock of the library, which is used in the working cabin, must be borrowed before. The borrowing list must be displayed visibly. Exception: Present copies, rare and special stocks may only be used on an hourly basis in the working cabin.
  • According to § 10 of the library regulations, the library is authorized to exercise the right of control in the University Library. Library stock which is deposited in a working cabin but not properly borrowed is regularly cleared out.
  • Own notebooks may be used. However, the recording of speech or sound is prohibited on the central campus and headphones are mandatory.
  • It is not permitted to pass on the key to other persons or to use the working cabins by other persons.
  • For safety reasons the door must not be locked from the inside.
  • Before leaving the working cabin, switch off the lights and PC equipment.
Central Library

On the 6th floor of the IKMZ you can find lockable working cabins, each with its own PC. These can be reserved in the library catalogue. Working cabins can be rented for 4 weeks and can be extended by 5 x 40 days, if not reservated allready.

If you have any questions regarding the allocation of working cabins, please contact:


Libraries in Senftenberg and Sachsendorf

At both locations you can find 5 lockable carrels, which you can rent for free for 1 month.

For students, they are also available outside the opening hours of the libraries.

For renting a carrel and other information please contact the informationdesk:

  • Information desk - Campus Senftenberg
    T +49 3573 85-304
  • Loan desk - Campus Sachsendorf
    T +49 0355 5818-303

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