Development of standardized load profiles based on measured load data

Principal: Distribution System Operator

Standardized load profiles (SLPs) are used for balancing and billing end consumers with an annual consumption less than 100 MWh. SLPs should represent typical consumption patterns of end user groups, e. g. households and commercial customers.

However, consumer behaviour and consumption structure change over time. In addition, regional characteristics of the supply area are often not sufficiently included. In this context the question arises, whether currently used SLPs still represent typical consumption patterns and what forecast accuracy they show.

The project involved the development of a methodology for updating and regionalising SLP. The methodology follows the BDEW classification, but extends it, by considering for example school vacations. This improved the profiles for commercial and household customers. A description and validation of the methodology can be found in the paper ‘How to improve standard load profiles: Updating, regionalization and smart meter data’, which was presented to a expert audience at the 14th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM) 2017.