Innovation Forum „Power-to-Heat“

By its program "Innovationsforen" the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the formation of networks, which are dedicated to experience a significant growth in the medium term.Within the framework of the "Power-to-Heat" (P2H) Innovation Forum the chair of energy economics in cooperation with the business consulting company HLP Dimler and Karcher enabled a networking of stakeholders from science, business and politics in the field of sectoral coupling by P2H with the aim of promoting technical and economic maturity of P2H applications. The process was accompanied by network and innovation management, public relations and analysis of the current (market) situation.

In the period from October 2016 to March 2017, overall 6 events on different P2H related topics took place, in which the topic was intensively analyzed from different perspectives. Three central themes have been emerged:

  • Innovations in products and marketing opportunities
  • Marketability of P2H plants in different business strategies
  • Design of the regulatory framework as a fair Level-Playing-Field

Major results of the project are documented in a short study.