Dissertation Title

The Role of the Private Sector in Heritage Conservation: A Perspective for Public-Private Partnership in Cultural Heritage Conservation (Working Title)


Prof. Dr. Jan Schnellenbach


These days several cultural assets face various challenges resulting from the incapability of the public sector in delivering sufficient protection measurements to sustain the cultural heritage sites. That is why there was a need for involving other partners such as the private partner with the aim to deliver the required personal skills, innovative financial process, technical assistance  that occasionally cannot offered by public sectors. The research aims to explore the need for involving the private sector in heritage conservation process and the contradicted interests that might rise, especially with the seeking of the public sector for protecting the cultural elements and the private sector for financial profit. Egypt as one of the countries enriched with cultural heritage sites, however various assets are endangered as the lacking of the above-mentioned points. Hence, the thesis tries to highlight the role of private sector that it can play in supporting the conservation projects and how the contradicted interests between the public and private sectors can be tackled while achieving complete protection for the cultural asset.

Short Bio:

Mahmoud Abdou is a PhD candidate in the Heritage Studies since winter semester 2017/18. In 2015, he obtained his Joint Master’s Degree in Heritage Conservation and Site Management between Helwan University, Egypt, and Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany. His Master’s thesis focused on the role of cultural heritage on the development of the local community.  Mahmoud had his Bachelor’s Degree from Helwan University, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Management, Guidance Department, in 2012.