Support Education Technology

In a virtual teaching/learning setting, you use digital platforms and tools to design the content you want to convey and to activate and support your students. In face-to-face teaching, too, digital applications offer the potential to make your teaching more varied and thus more sustainable by activating your students more in the teaching/learning process.

We support you

Do you have technical questions or are you facing methodological-didactic challenges with regard to educational technology offerings? We are happy to advise you and in particular on the following tools and applications:

  • Learning management system Moodle (consulting on basic usage scenarios and functionalities)
  • Media portal (VIMP) for video uploading
  • Video conferencing systems
    • Support of distance learning: BigBlueButton, Jitsi, Webex
    • Provision of video conferencing technology and consulting on its use
  • external tools (ARS systems, collaboration tools, etc.)

In addition.

In order to be able to offer teaching/learning videos, course recordings and interactive learning elements in the digitally-supported teaching/learning space in a target-oriented manner, these should be prepared in a way that is both suitable for the target group and appealing. We also offer a broad portfolio of support services (media production) for this purpose.

We also support the training of eScouts and student assistants to help you implement digitally-supported teaching at your faculties.

Technical support

Our technical user* support is always available to assist you with troubleshooting, communicating with IT services, and maintaining communication channels.


eLearning Team

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We are available directly for consultation by appointment.