Should you or someone from your family get sick once in Germany, there are various facilities that can help you.

In Germany, you are able to freely choose which doctor you see. However, it is advisable to select a general practitioner, also known as a family doctor. You should first visit this doctor for any health problems. If you then need to see a specialist, your doctor will write you a referral. If necessary, it is also possible to go directly to the specialist.

Doctor’s offices are usually open Monday through Friday, however, some of those days the office might only be open for half of the day.

Urgent care

Located at the Carl-Thiem-Klinikum in Cottbus, entrance via the emergency room. Outside of regular consultation hours, you can receive medical care in the case of an acute, but not life threatening illness. Please remember to always bring your health insurance card.

Emergency room

The emergency room at the hospital is open 24 hours a day and provides medical treatment for various emergencies. For example, the emergency room has anesthesiologists, surgeons, internists, neurological/ psychiatric specialists and other health care workers on-call. 


In Germany, only pharmacies are allowed to sell medicine. They also advise patients and discuss any possible side effects or interactions with other medicines. While some medications are for sale over-the-counter, others are available by prescription only.

Important emergency numbers 

Fire department/ ambulance services: 112
Police: 110
Emergency doctor: 116 117