Driving licence

In Germany, you are only allowed to drive a car if you have a German, European or international driving licence. However, with an international driving licence, you are only allowed to drive a car for the first six months of your stay. After six months, you must have a German licence. To start your application for a German driving licence, you should be in possession of an international licence from your home country or be prepared to have your national driving licence officially translated.

Translation of your driving licence

A translation of your licencecan be obtained in Cottbus at the German Automobile Club (ADAC). Depending on the language of your licence, the translation will cost about 50 EUR. For the translation, you must submit your driving licence to the ADAC. Since this process will take about two weeks (14 days), you will be without a driving licence and thus, unable to drive for this time. 

Transfer of a foreign driving licence

Depending on which country your driving licence is from, you may have to complete additional documents (such as proof of first aid training, vision test certificate) and, if necessary, both a practical and theoretical driving test. Once you have provided all of the required documents, you may apply for a driving licence through the transfer of your foreign licence. From an EU/ EEA country, this costs about 40 EUR.


If you need assistance, the Welcome Centre can also check which documents you might need by contacting the driving authority. We are also happy to assist you in finding a suitable driving school where you can take the practical and theoretical tests.