Invite a Guest

We are very happy that you have chosen to invite a guest to BTU and are here to advise and support you with any administrative questions you might have. The most important matter when dealing with non-EU guests is the visa or residence permit. Your guest should always apply for the particular residence permit that offers the most extensive entitlements. Since decisions on visas and residence permits are based on individual cases, it is very important that either you or your guest contact the Welcome Centre as early as possible.

The following are the most common types of visas and residence permits offered to individuals in the field of research: 

  • § 16b Study
  • § 18b Specialists with an Academic Education
  • § 18g Blue Card EU
  • § 18c Settlement Permit for Specialists
  • § 18d Research

PhD and doctoral students (§ 16b) are required to have a letter of invitation or letter of admission for their visas. For residence permits § 18b, 18b (2) and 18c, an employment contract must also be submitted. These visa procedures can be very complicated and lengthy. For the “EU Research Visa" (§ 18d), a hosting agreement is sufficient.

Guest lecturer

There is the possibility that you can apply to the DAAD for funding aimed at „Förderung ausländischer Gastdozenten zu Lehrtätigkeiten an deutschen Hochschulen“ (foreign guest lecturers to teach at a German university). There are two models, the first of which (model A) supports guest lecturers for at least three months and no longer than two years. Model B, on the other hand, is for a maximum of four years and provides support for a guest chair who will promote the internationalisation of a study course.
DAAD-Gastdozentur (this page exists only in German)

Letter of invitation

In order to apply for a visa, guests from non-EU countries are usually required to present a written invitation from their host institution. Once they have this invitation, your guest can go to the German embassy and apply for a visa.

Hosting Agreement

A hosting agreement is a special type of letter of invitation that must be submitted to the embassy or Foreigners’ Registration Office as part of the “EU Research Visa" application. Since 2007, international researchers (and doctoral students under certain circumstances) have been able to apply for the “EU Research Visa”, which entitles them to pursue research, as well as teaching activities in the research facility mentioned in their hosting agreement. Hosting agreements are concluded between the international researcher and a research institution that is recognised by BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees). Since October 2014, BTU has been authorised to sign hosting agreements with researchers. However, this hosting agreement for researchers without employment contract can only be concluded via the Welcome Centre. If you are interested in completing a hosting agreement with your guest, please contact the Welcome Centre so that we can advise you on the necessary steps. After examination and signature of the hosting agreement, we will send it directly to your international guest.
Information on hosting agreements from BAMF (this page exists only in German)

The following requirements must be fulfilled for a hosting agreement:

  • A statement that the research project is being conducted;
  • The researcher must be able to complete the research project as set forth in the hosting agreement;
  • Assurance that costs of living will be covered

The following advantages and benefits are provided in the hosting agreement for all international researchers:

  • An official invitation and employment contract do not have to be submitted to the embassy
  • Faster application procedure
  • Up to three months of unrestricted travel within the Schengen zone related to the research project
  • Accompanying family members do not have to provide proof of German language knowledge
  • Entitlements related to child and parental allowance