BTU Internet Access

In order to take advantages of the many services within BTU’s network, a central BTU account is required. This account consists of a user name (login) and a password. The account is personalised with your individual data and therefore cannot be shared.

The following services of the University Data Centre (URZ) are available for use through your BTU account: 

  • Central mail service
  • BTU wireless LAN
  • ownCloud service
  • Printing and plotting services
  • Access to the computer pool
  • Support for BTU network access configuration (for laptops for example)

If you would like to view your central BTU account or change your password or e-mail settings, please visit: BTU account.

Steps to Obtaining your BTU Account

Student Account

As a registered student at BTU, you can activate your account through the  BTU account activation website. In order to activate your BTU account, you will need an activation code. After your enrolment is complete you will receive automatically your activation code. You can activate your BTU account either online or by using the computers in the main building, room 0.27.

Employee Account

As a BTU employee, you can active your account through the  BTU account activation website. In order to activate your BTU account, you will need an activation code. This should be given to you along with your employment documents. Activation is possible on your first day of work and all services can be used immediately after activation.