Telephone networks in Germany are operated by different service providers. Most companies offer different tariffs and services, such as bundled packages that include telephone, mobile phone and internet access. In order to make sure your individual needs are met, it is important to carefully compare your different options. Look at their special offers and tariffs, such as being able to make cheap calls abroad. It is important to point out that most companies only offer one or two year contracts. With longer contracts, the rate will usually increase beginning with the thirteenth month. You can register and cancel your services at the local branch office of your provider. These offices are located in nearly every city where they provide service.


There are also several internet providers in Germany. If you would like to have internet at your house or apartment, you should first figure out if there is already a connection included in your rent. If not, you should also check to see if your buildinghas an agreement with an internet company meaning that the connections are already set up. When there is no internet connection in your apartment, you must choose a new DSL tariff. Many providers offer ‘tariff packages’, which have a monthly fixed price for telephone, internet and any additional services. If you would like to use wireless internet at home, you should check with your internet service provider to make sure that you receive a WLAN router. Another possibility, if you do not want to purchase a fixed line and DSL connection, is a ‘surf stick’, which allows you to connect your laptop to the internet from anywhere. Surf sticks are available in many telecommunication shops, as well as in supermarkets.

Cell phones

In Germany, there are many mobile phone providers who offer different tariffs and service options. On the one hand, are prepaid tariffs, which allow you to add money to your sim card as needed. These tariffs are especially good for short stays, because there is no contract and you can stop adding money whenever you no longer need your phone. Prepaid cards are available to purchase in most supermarkets. On the other hand are mobile phone contracts, where you pay a fixed monthly fee and if necessary, additional connection costs. However, it is often impossible to get out of these contracts early, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before you sign any contract. 

TV and Radio: Broadcasting

Similar to other European countries, Germany charges a fee for the use of radios and television sets. This fee is collected through a subscription service to ARD, ZDF and German radio and helps to fund public service broadcasters. The current monthly fee per apartment, no matter how many people live there, is 18.36 EUR. After you have registered your address with the city office, you should receive a letter from the broadcasting centre with a money transfer request. If you are in need of any assistance, the Welcome Centre is happy to help!


Eduroam is a European initiative that allows university students and employees to access WLAN not just at their own university, but also at other participating universities and institutions. With your BTU email address you can connect to the internet via the Eduroam network. Your login name must be entered in the following format: