Roadmap for integrated sustainability: audit your concept

Participants will be guided through a tool for self evaluating their current business concept on sustainability at first. The evaluation system examines vision & strategy, team, partnerships, products & services, stakeholders and environmental, societal, and economic impact.

Afterwards, participants will learn how to audit another business concept and will be audited by a third party themselves. Upcoming questions can be discussed solution-oriented. Possible negative impacts shall be detected as well in order to further develop the business case to a sustainable buinsess concept.

Participants do not necessarily need to participate the workshop on the IOOI logic model on 8 June 2023 but are more then welcome to do so.  Participants do not need to be familiar with the IOOI logic model or evaluation system beforehand.

Anyhow, workshop in presence on 8 June 2023 serves perfectly for the audit on 9 June. Both workshop days, in presence, can be booked separately.

This workshop takes place in cooperation with the BPW

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Cheng-Wen Jaw
ABWL; insbesondere Planung; Innovation und Gründung