Software Repositories

FockBox: A Fock space toolbox for computational cognition
CSL: BTU Cognitive Systems Lab room control software
dLabPro: A signal processing and acoustic pattern recognition toolbox
UASR: Unified Approach to signal Synthesis and Recognition
jLab: Java components and visualization for dLabPro and UASR (Maven artifacts)
LCARS Widget Toolkit (Binary releasesMaven artifacts)
DRAKON Widget Toolkit (Maven artifacts)
tikz-3dplot-circleofsphere: Drawing circles of a sphere with tikz-3dplot
tikz-quantumgates: Drawing quantum circuits with TikZ
Casio-VZ-virtual-instrument: A virtual replica of the Casio VZ-1/VZ-10M music synthesizer
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Eclipse plug-in for dLabPro/UASR

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