COLLABORATIVE DESIGN METHODS Building Communities through Spatial Interventions Summer School in Berlin | Master Exkursion

This DAAD-funded summer school addresses issues of collaboration with communities that are usually disregarded in hegemonic urban planning and architectural practice - in this case, refugees. Through expert inputs, technical visits, and immersion activities with inhabitants from a Refugee Shelter in the Märkisches Viertel neighbourhood in Berlin, the summer school aims at an exchange of academic and cultural knowledge that provides students with tools to tackle complex global dynamics. These activities will be developed in collaboration with BENN Märkisches Viertel and the shelter administration. Apart from on-site activities with the community, workshop participants will plan and develop a small-scale intervention in collaboration with the inhabitants as well as future scenarios for the area. This will allow students to experiment with other forms of dialogue between diverse urban actors and provide them with competencies in collaborative work, transdisciplinary methods and design-based practices. 

Five (5) BTU Students will work with 11 Brazilian students from the UFRJ, 15 TU-Berlin students and three (3) Master students of the ENHANCE partner Universities from the disciplines of architecture, urban design, urban planning and landscape architecture. 

Important dates 

Phase 1 (online) 

August 20th and 21st 2022 – 2pm to 4pm 

Phase 2 (Berlin) 

September 9th to 16th 2022 – 10am to 5pm 

Application (until April 20th) 

Motivation Letter and CV via Google Forms

5 Plätze sind für BTU Studierende offen. 

Contact person 

Natacha Quintero González 


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