Urban and Regional Planning / Planning in international Context Seminar


- 11463 / HCSM 213 (Urban and Regional Planning)

- 12166 (Planning in International Context)

Course Number: 640103

Lecturer: Tooska Mosavat

Time: Mondays 14:00 - 18:00

Place: Room 2A - AU.21

First Session: Monday, 11.04.2022, 14:00, format and place (online or in the room 2A - AU.21) to be confirmed on moodle


- Heritage Conservation and Site Management

- Stadtplanung, PO 2019

- Stadt- und Regionalplanung, PO 2017


The seminar will focus on the basic principles of urban and regional planning in an international context. The teaching staff will provide insights into the role of planning in the society as well as different approaches and the key paradigms in urban planning. In this regard, various factors influencing the respective object of planning will be identified and the impact of urban challenges on the planning process will be discussed. The seminar is structured into two parts; theoretical knowledge on urban challenges and planning is imparted through lectures, and based on that, students will carry out more in-depth research on specific topics. For each lecture the students will be required to read short texts related to the respective content of the seminar and discuss it during the session. Additionally, a short recap of previous lecture is essential. In the second phase of the seminar the students will prepare and present various case studies of planning. They will also moderate the subsequent discussion. The results of this research into the case studies are to be summarized in a final paper. It is expected that the students regularly attend and actively  participate in the seminar. The seminar will be conducted in English.