Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Safdar Mahmood
Verfügungsgebäude 1C, Raum 1.36

T: +49 (0) 355 69 2187
F: +49 (0) 355 69 2027

  • [2007-2011] B.Engg., PAF-KIET Karachi, Pakistan.
  • [2012-2015] M.Sc., University of Bremen, Germany.
Research Interest
  • Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Embedded Systems and related fields auch as Robotics
  • Efficient Hardware Architectures for Machine Learning Acceleration
  • Custom Architectures and Topologies of Neural Networks

[2021] "Prospects of Robotics in Assisted Living Environment", Safdar Mahmood; Ampadu, Kwame; Antonopoulos, Konstantinos; Panagiotou, Ch; Mendez, Sergio; Podlubne, Ariel; Antonopoulos, Christos; Keramidas, Georgios; Hübner, Michael; Goehringer, Diana; Voros, Nikolaos. Electronics. 10. 2062. 10.3390/electronics10172062.  MDPI Special Issue for Electronics: Robots in Assisted Living Environment

[2020] “A Modular Software Library for Effective High-Level Synthesis of Convolutional Neural Networks”, Muñoz Hernandez; Safdar Mahmood; Marcelo Brandalero and Michael Hübner, International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing 2020 

[2020] “Domain Adaptive Processor Architectures”, Florian Fricke; Safdar Mahmood; Javier Hoffmann; Muhammad Ali; Keyvan Shahin; Michael Hübner; Diana Göhringer, Kommunikation und Bildverarbeitung in der Automation 2020 

[2019] “IP Core Identification in FPGA Configuration Files using Machine Learning Techniques”, Safdar Mahmood ; Jens Rettkowski ; Arij Shallufa ; Michael Hübner ; Diana Göhringer, 2019 IEEE 9th International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE-Berlin) 

[2019] “Inspection of Partial Bitstreams for FPGAs Using Artificial Neural Networks”, Jens Rettkowski ; Safdar Mahmood ; Arij Shallufa ; Michael Hübner ; Diana Göhringer, 2019 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW)

[2019] Flo­ri­an Fri­cke, Ja­vier Edu­ar­do Hoff­mann, Saf­dar Mah­mood, Micha­el Hüb­ner - “A Tool to Ease De­sign-Space-Ex­plo­ra­ti­on Using the Ten­si­li­ca LX7 ASIP” in CDN­Li­ve EMEA 2019 

[2018] “An Application Specific Framework for HLS-based FPGA Design of Articulated Robot Inverse Kinematics", Safdar Mahmood ; Pavel Shydlouski ; Michael Hubner, 2018 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig)