Rehabilitation of Urban Heritage in the Cities of Iraq BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg, University of Baghdad, University of Sulaimani 2020-21

Following several years of cooperation and joint activities, BTU Cottbus -Senftenberg, University of Baghdad and University of Sulaimani has initiated a two-year project with focus on urban rehabilitation of historic cities in Iraq. This project aims to create competence centres at Iraqi partner universities for reconstruction, revitalisation and rehabilitation of neglected or war-damaged old cities in Iraq.

Due to the limitations raised by the Covid-19 pandemic, the projects measures were restructured into online mode. 

The project included the following measures:

  • Joint Seminar and Workshop, September 2020 to January 2021 (Programme)
  • Module Development, April to July 2021
  • Lecture Series and Research Colloquium May to July 2021
  • One-month research saty for four young researchers from Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah at BTU (WS 2021)
  • One-term student stay for four master students from Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah at BTU (WS 2021-22)
Project NameRehabilitation of Urban Heritage in the Cities of Iraq
Project PartnersBrandenburg University of Technology Cottbus – Senftenberg 
Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning
Chair of Landscape Architecture
Middle-East-Cooperation Unit

University of Baghdad
College of Engineering
Prof. Dr. Saba Al-Khafaji, Dean
Prof. Dr. Dhirgham Alobaydi, Head of the Architecture Department

University of Sulaimani
College of Engineering
Department of Architecture
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Yousif Al-Tayib, Head of Deartment
Henderin Hamid Abdulrahman
In Cooperation withTU Berlin, Institute of Urban and Regional Planning
Funded byGerman Academic Exchange Service (DAAD e.V.)
Within the Framework ofHochschulpartnerschaften mit dem Iraq
DAAD Projek Website