Online-Workshop »Introduction to AI and Academic Writing – Navigating Opportunities and Challenges«

GRS Qualifikationsprogramm – Kursbereich 3 »Wissenschaftliche Methoden«

Target Group

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers of all research area

Course details

The online workshop is dedicated to the increasingly important role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic research and writing. We will focus on the practical application of AI technologies in the context of research and scientific writing. In this introductory seminar you will gain an in-depth insight into the opportunities that AI offers researchers. The workshop content is split into two parts, one covering the use of ChatGPT and prompt engineering, and the second covering the use of other academic AI tools that can be used to aid research and writing. We will explore both the many benefits and challenges of using AI. In particular, this includes creative support in the conception and formulation of scientific papers. In addition to the opportunities, we will also look at the ethical aspects and risks associated with the use of AI. This includes questions of copyright and the authenticity of research results. The aim of the seminar is to provide you with practical knowledge and skills so that you can use AI as an effective tool in your day-to-day research. Through interactive elements, such as case studies and group discussions, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the content and discuss individual questions.


  • Recognise the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in academic writing and be able to use different AI tools effectively. Learn the different possibilities of ChatGPT with correct prompting.
  • Learn how AI can be used for brainstorming and idea generation in academic contexts.
  • Explore different AI tools that can facilitate research and writing.
  • Create awareness of and evaluate ethical concerns and potential risks of AI use in publishing. Conduct critical discussions about the future role of AI in academia.


Dr. Dimitra Lountzi studied Life Sciences and Genetics in Glasgow and Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Bonn. She has been a coach for Twentyone Skills since 2020, focusing on artificial intelligence, communication and negotiation skills.


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