in-situ ALD cluster

System for atomic layer deposition (ALD) with integrated 

  • in-situ photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
  • in-operando spectroscopic ellipsomtry (SI)
  • in-operando quadrupol mass spectrometry (QMS)

ALD Reactor

  • UHV compatible stainless steel chamber
  • Heatable sample holder (up to 1000°C) with SiN heater
  • 3 axis linear manipulator with θ rotation
  • Pump- or flow-type mode of ALD
  • Gas mixing and supply:
    • VCR-based
    • 3 main lines contrpolled via mass flow controllers (Bronkhorst)
      • 3 precursor lines (for high, medium, and low vapor pressure)
      • 3 oxidant/reactant lines (H2O, O3/O2...)
      • 1 purge line (N2)
      • Lines heatable up to 120°C
    • Pneumatic ALD valves
  • Ozon generator (Oxidation Technologies)
  • Control software: Lab-View

XPS (in-situ)

  • Load-lock chamber with sample storage
  • Preparation chamber (thermal or gas traetment before and after the ALD growth)
    • Gas analysis via mass spectrometry (MKS)
    • Additional deposition by thermal or e-beam evaporation
  • Analysis chamber
    • Al/Mg twin anode (non-chromatized)
    • Hemispherical electron analyzer: Omicron EA125
    • Detector: 5 channeltron

SI (in-operando)

  • Spectroscopic ellipsometer SER 801 (SENTECH Instruments GmbH)
  • 240 nm to 1000 nm (UV-VIS)
  • Installed at 70° to the sample surface normal
  • Protection of viewports by pneumatic valves to avoid undesired depositions
  • Software: SpectraRay/4

QMS (in-operando)

  • Quadrupol mass spectrometer HAL/3F 301 RC (Hiden Analytical)
  • Adaption at ALD reactor via blind flange with an aperture (⌀=500mm) and differential pump station