Relief for female board members

To support and promote the commitment of female committee members, the BTU provides annual funds to relieve their workload. Relief can be provided by applying for personnel funds for the employment of academic assistants. In addition, upon application, funding is now also granted for e.g. participation in continuing education courses and for technical equipment for committee work.

Who is sponsored?

All femalemembers of the Senate, Senate Committees, and Faculty Councils from any status group may apply for matching funds.


In case of simultaneous membership in the senate and in a faculty council, a double application can be made. Approval is always subject to the financial requirements. There is no legal claim to the funding.

Application for personnel funds: The funds applied for should be used to support your own academic work or your work as a committee member. The specific tasks of the assistant who will support you in your work in teaching and research must be explained accordingly in the application form. When submitting the application, it is essential to state the amount of personnel funds required in each case. This serves the purpose of better planning or commitment of the equal opportunity funds.Application for material funds: The funds are to be applied for informally in an e-mail. The following must be stated: the nature and extent of the burden of committee work, the nature and amount of the relief requested, and the purpose of the use of the requested material funds. Material funds can be requested e.g.
  • for participation in further training to promote committee competence,
  • for the use of coaching (individual, group coaching),
  • for network meetings
  • for technical equipment for committee work (on loan).

The application can be submitted via e-mail, internal mail or in person.

What is needed?

Application for personnel funds: - Application form (filled out digitally!) - Complete recruitment documents (see " Guidelines for the recruitment and employment of scientific / artistic assistants").Application for material funds: - Informal application via e-mail - Proof of costs / offers, if applicable

Contact for questions and feedback on funding:

Birgit Hendrischke