Final and bridge scholarships for BTU female* scientists in qualification phases

Within the framework of the Female Professors Program III, BTU female scientists* are supported who are about to complete their doctorate or habilitation (final fellowship) or who need a financial bridge for a period of time until other support measures begin (bridge fellowship).
A final scholarship is granted over a period of 6 months for the completion of a doctorate (1,500 €/month) or habilitation (1,800 €/month). The goal is to achieve the intended academic degree.
A bridge scholarship is granted for a maximum period of 6 months up to a follow-up funding of 1,100 €/month. 

In exceptional cases, funding from remaining funds is possible at the end of 2024, please contact us by email at gleichstellung+foerderung(at)

Who is sponsored?

All female* scientists at the master's level and above who are BTU affiliates.


Applications (in German or English) can be submitted as of now. Approval is subject to the financial requirements. There is no legal claim to the funding. Applications will only be accepted in full and the application must be completed digitally. The application for an individual scholarship can be made via e-mail, in-house mail or gladly in person.

What is needed?

  • Application form (digitally filled out!)
  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation (please refer to the application form for content; max. 2 pages)
  • Certificate of enrollment, if applicable
  • current grade overview, if applicable
  • Proof of birth certificate of child(ren) (single copy)
  • Proof that you are caring for family members in need of care
  • Proof of completed university studies
  • Report on the current status of the research with a work plan and timetable for the completion of the research work in terms of subject matter and timeframe
  • Confirmation of supervision
  • Statement of the supervising person with the assessment of the current status of the project as well as confirmation that the work can be completed within the requested period of time
  • Appropriate proof of own income during the period of approval (salary statement, notice of grant).
  • If applicable, employment contract with the BTU as an assistant
  • Residence permit, if applicable (only if non-EU citizen)

Award decision

All applications received are reviewed by the members of the jury, which is made up of members of the Equal Opportunities Council. The jury then decides on the awarding of the scholarships.

Reporting requirement

After the end of the funding period, the Central Equal Opportunity Officer must be informed about the receipt of the fellowship and its effects. This testimonial serves us for documentation, evaluation and for the adaptation or improvement of the equality-promoting measure to the needs of our female scientists* in qualification phases. The short and informal report (max. 1 page) is to be submitted via e-mail and should include the following contents:

  • Short summary about the study/research project,
  • Which goals of the study/research project did you achieve during the funding period?
  • What added value did the grant you received achieve?

Legal basis

The following guideline applies to the application of the final and bridge scholarships:
Framework guideline of the BTU Cottbus for the awarding of scholarships (MBl 10/2009).

On this website of the Graduate Research School the most important questions and answers are summarized in English.

Contact for questions and feedback on funding