Sexual harassment and violence

Sexualized harassment is a form of discrimination that particularly targets the gender of the person affected. Sexualized discrimination and violence is practiced in a variety of ways. This can happen verbally, non-verbally and also through physical attacks. It concerns all behaviors and actions that are insulting, humiliating, not desired by those affected by them and are experienced as devaluing and degrading (AGG § 3, paragraph 4).

Sexualized harassment and acts of violence are expressed, for example, in the following actions:

  • Telling lewd jokes,
  • posting or distributing pornographic material,
  • making degrading sexualized remarks about people or their bodies,
  • Sending unsolicited e-mails, text messages, photos or videos with sexual references,
  • sexually degrading gestures, solicitations or behavior,
  • exhibitionism,
  • inappropriate and/or unwanted physical contact,
  • violent physical assaults that are criminal in nature, such as sexual assault or rape.

The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is explicitly against sexism. It does not tolerate sexist remarks, prejudices, assaults, threats and insults.

In our flyer "Active against sexual harassment and violence" you will find useful information. The flyer is available at all known and other prominent locations throughout the university (please contact the staff of the Equal Opportunity Office for locations).

BTU employees can request printed copies (remaining stock) free of charge from the Central Equal Opportunity Officer at the e-mail address gleichstellung(at)