Consulting services

As the Central Equal Opportunity Officer, I advise BTU members (including students!) on all questions relevant to equal opportunity, but also on issues of equal opportunity and the compatibility of studies/work with family and caregiving responsibilities.

On Tuesdays or at other times (also at short notice) I am available for a personal conversation. I offer you a trusting and appreciative atmosphere, empathy and an exchange at eye level.

The goal of these conversations is to look for solutions together and to support you/you in your further personal development.

In addition to individual counseling, the counseling services offered by the GBA also include

  • Advice on equality programs and possible funding
  • Institutional and committee consulting
  • Advice on equality promotion plans
  • Collegial advice to the decentralized equal opportunity officers
  • Consulting and cooperation with interest groups
  • Advice to persons affected by sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence (SDBG), mobbing and stalking
  • Advising university institutions on taking and implementing measures to protect against SDBG.

Counseling on issues of compatibility, childcare, or care for dependents generally falls under the responsibility of the Family Office of the University.