Emergency help - important pages and phone numbers

Berlin Crisis Service

Tel. 030 - 390 63 00
Consultation hours around the clock
Berlin Crisis Service

berta phone

Counseling and telephone contact point for victims of organized sexualized and ritual violence
I: berta-Telefon
T: 0800 30 50 750
E: beratung(at)hilfetelefon-missbrauch.de

Cottbus women's shelter

The Cottbus women's shelter offers physically and/or emotionally abused women with and without children protection and help in the form of temporary housing, counseling and practical assistance. In an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, the women should find peace and find themselves.
Tel. 0355 - 71 21 50

Women's crisis line

Tel. 030 - 615 42 43
(Migrant counseling: Tel. 030 - 615 75 96)
Women's crisis line

Help hotline violence against women

Tel. 116 016
Consultation hours around the clock,
help line
Online counseling

Sexual abuse help line

The online service SAVE-ME-ONLINE of the help hotline for young people is a nationwide, free and anonymous contact point for victims of sexual violence, for relatives as well as people from the social environment of children, for professionals and for all interested parties.
T: 0800-22 55 530 (free of charge and anonymous)

LARA e. V.

Crisis and Counseling Center for Sexually Harassed or Abused Women
Tel. 030 - 216 88 88
Crisis and Counseling Center
09.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Counseling for same-sex (gay) sexual harassment
Tel. 030 - 216 80 08

N.I.N.A. e.V.

Help and advice for those affected, for concerned people from the social environment, for children and young people. N.I.N.A. stands for National Infoline, Network and Contact Point on Sexual Violence against Girls and Boys.
N. I.N.A.

Victim Perspective

Opferperspektive has been offering professional counseling for victims of right-wing violence and racist discrimination, their friends, relatives and witnesses in the state of Brandenburg since 1998. The counseling is free of charge, confidential, biased and independent of state authorities.

Victim Assistance Berlin

Advises and supports both victims and witnesses of crime and their relatives in Berlin
Tel. 030 - 395 28 67

Stalking victim assistance

Stalking can affect anyone. What you should know about stalking and how to deal with it so that you can live without fear again.
Stalking Victim Assistance Brandenburg
Tel. 030 - 44 32 37 17


Drop-in center for men who were sexually abused as boys
Tel. 030 - 693 80 07

White ring

Counseling and victim support for men and women in cases of sexual harassment and assault
Tel. 116 006 (free hotline)
09.00 to 22.00

White water

Working group against sexual abuse of girls
Tel. 030 - 282 44 27