Travel allowances for BTU female scientists* in qualification phases

BTU female scientists* from the doctoral phase onwards can also be supported in 2024 with a travel allowance for active participation in international conferences. This participation should be coupled with an own conference contribution of the young scientist (e.g. with an own lecture or a poster presentation). Participation in online conferences is also supported. In this way, we give female scientists* in qualification phases the opportunity to publicly present the BTU and their own research results and to engage in a professional exchange with the international scientific community. 


Who is sponsored?

Female scientists* from the doctoral phase onwards who are BTU employees (enrolled and/or employed in a contractual relationship). Women* with family responsibilities are given preferential support (children, relatives in need of care).


A maximum of 1,000 euros per applicant* can be granted annually. Applications (in German or English) can be approved retroactively until January 1, 2024. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the availability of funds. There is no legal entitlement to the funding. Applications will only be accepted in full.

Please send applications for a travel grant by e-mail to


  • Accommodation costs (e.g. hotel),
  • Transportation costs (e.g. flight, train, local transport),
  • Attendance fees (e.g. conference fee (also of online conferences)).

Not reimbursed:

  • Meals (please ensure that meals are shown separately on invoices (e.g. breakfast in hotels or in-flight meals)),
  • Representation expenses (e.g., membership dues for personal memberships in organizations and societies),
  • Per diems.Not reimbursed:

What is needed?

Before the trip/ application documents:

  • Application form (filled out digitally!),
  • Letter of motivation on the value of conference participation (max. 1 page),
  • Proof of acceptance of paper or poster at the conference,
  • Preliminary calculation of the requested costs,
  • Certificate of enrollment (if applicable),
  • Copy of business trip application (if employment relationship exists),
  • Proof of information provided in the application form (e.g. children/dependent relatives).

After the trip:

  • Invoice for accommodation costs (e.g. hotel invoice),
  • Confirmation(s) of payment for transportation costs (e.g., credit card receipt, bank statement) and associated tickets (air, rail, local transportation tickets),
  • Invoice for participation fee (e.g. conference fee).

Application for business trips and settlement of travel expenses

Please note that the application for a business trip as well as its settlement is made via your faculty, institute or department. All necessary documents such as the business trip application, travel expense report and receipts must first be submitted there within six months (and not to the Equal Opportunity Office). The Equal Opportunity Office will only transfer the travel allowance to your faculty, institute or department after the travel cost center has settled the account.


Please note that the travel grant from the Central Equal Opportunity Officer is generally not compatible with the Graduate Research School (GRS) mobility grant, i.e. you will only be approved for one grant.

Reporting requirement

After completion of the funded trip/participation, the Central Equal Opportunity Officer must be informed about the receipt of the fellowship and its effects. This testimonial serves us for documentation, evaluation and for the adaptation or improvement of the equality-promoting measure to the needs of our young female scientists. The short and informal report (max. 1 page) is to be submitted via e-mail and should include the following contents:

  • Short summary about the study/research project,
  • What kind of conference etc. did you attend?
  • With what goals did you participate and what goals did you achieve?
  • What added value did your participation achieve for your study/research project?

Please apply digitally by e-mail only.