BTU Award Winners

Tina Rischke - 2021

Tina Rischke, the best STEM student at BTU in 2021,

is a student in the three-semester master's program in mechanical engineering and is one of the top performers in her class. Prior to that, she completed the apprenticeship-integrated dual bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering at the BTU. Parallel to her studies, she completed an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at BASF Schwarzheide. Tina Rischke is committed to the interests of dual students across all study programs and has served as a MINT tutor for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems. She also actively supports the MINT EC Camp at the central campus as well as the BTU recruiting team to inspire new students to pursue STEM subjects. During her bachelor studies, she successfully completed the project management modules with the junior project manager. The 24-year-old was also awarded for the best bachelor thesis in her faculty. She is currently earning an additional qualification as a welding engineer.

Tina Rischke volunteered, for example, in a "bicycle repair campaign" for refugee aid, in which old bicycles that had been donated were made roadworthy again. Furthermore, she supported the dual study team on a voluntary basis. During school visits, fairs and information events, she reported as a former dual student about her studies, her experiences and the challenges. In addition, she is active in student BTU motor sports.

Lisa Postelt - 2021

Lisa Postelt, BTU's top STEM student in 2021,

is a very dedicated bachelor's student in the biotechnology program. She discovered her interest in natural sciences as a child. Exciting findings constantly aroused her curiosity, whether in the Children's University or later in the Science Academy. Even during her school years, the 22-year-old was enthusiastic about passing on her knowledge and passion to younger children. Thus, the examination of scientific phenomena became a lasting, serious interest. Her high school graduation was followed by an ecological year at the BTU's mobile school lab Science on Tour, during which she worked on her own research topic, "Investigating the relationship between heavy metal exposure and the chlorophyll content in crops." As a biotechnology student, she actively advocates for the interests of students at BTU. As a member of the Senate Commission for University Culture and University Community, her goal is to contribute to community awareness and university life. To this end, she interacts with other students and researchers at the university. Her practical work at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg, which she completed in February 2022, gave her insights into new areas of knowledge.

Dylana-Chiara stone - 2020

Dylana-Chiara Stein, the best STEM student at BTU in 2020,

has been working as a science manager since September 2020 in the preparation of the proposal to establish a research center for hybrid-electric systems CHESCO. Her tasks consist in particular in the preparation and coordination of all research-related activities. She performs these tasks in parallel to her master studies in both business administration and industrial engineering. In her studies she convinces with very good performance and active cooperation. She actively applies the knowledge she has acquired in her studies to her practical tasks as a science manager. She showed her very good organizational skills, among other things, in the organization and moderation of the workshops at the Lusatian Partner Conference in October 2020. Already since 2018, Dylana-Chiara Stein has been actively and competently advocating for her fellow students in the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business, Law and Administration at BTU. She facilitates a good balance between different interests. Through her communicative skills and her well-founded professionalism, she ensures successful cooperation between different actors and understands how to ensure commitment in action after an agreement has been reached. With her very good academic performance, her voluntary commitment in everyday university life through her many years of civil society activities in likewise leading roles within the framework of the Rotaract Club Cottbus, she was selected as the best STEM student at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

Julia Genßler - 2019

Julia Genßler, the BTU's top STEM student in 2019,

She began her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at BTU in 2014. As the only woman in her cohort, she had previously completed STEM training as an aircraft mechanic specializing in engine technology. After successfully completing her bachelor's thesis in regular time, Ms. Genßler remained at the BTU to pursue a master's degree. Professors and lecturers praised the young woman for her great applied technical knowledge, her excellent cooperation and her ability to independently develop goal-oriented solution strategies even for complex problems.

The jury was convinced by Ms. Genßler's very good performance and - even more so - by the abundance and consistency of her commitment both within and outside the university.

For example, she has been an active member of the volunteer fire department since her childhood, completed a lifeguard course with the German Red Cross (DRK), among other things, and became a helper in the ambulance service and a motor rescue boat operator. She used her skills as a volunteer lifeguard at the outdoor pool and taught young people the basics of first aid. Julia Genßler also got involved at the BTU as a student representative on two appeal committees and is committed to making mechanical engineering and technology attractive to young women.

Anna Populoh - 2018

Anna Populoh, BTU's top STEM student in 2018,

Outstanding academic performance in the mechanical engineering program and her volunteer community involvement distinguish Anna Populoh. The student is a role model for her fellow students and those interested in a more technically oriented course of study at BTU. In her work at well-known companies such as Porsche, Bugatti and Class, she proves that she knows how to hold her own in a professional environment that is still dominated by men. As one of the few women in the mechanical engineering program, Populoh has consistently achieved above-average grades. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Seidlitz, Department of Lightweight Construction with Structured Materials, emphasized her special scientific achievements. For two months during her master's thesis, which she completed with a grade of 1.0, she taught at a school in Uganda and supported the orphanage there. Anna Populoh was at the Namibian University of Science and Technology (NUST) during her semester abroad, which she organized together with the BTU's International Relations Office. There, she helped children with their homework in a social project after university. In the summer, she travels annually to a youth holiday camp with the Gütersloh District Sports Association as a volunteer counselor, enabling children from difficult social backgrounds to spend two wonderful weeks in the Netherlands. Since May 2011, Anna Populoh has been involved as a member of an Amnesty International youth group. She is actively involved in the German-French Friendship Circle Beelen/Villers-Ecalles by participating in and helping to organize the regular exchanges.

Annemarie Bunar - 2017

Annemarie Bunar, the best STEM student at BTU in 2017,

In particular, Annemarie Bunar demonstrated a high level of scientific competence and structured thinking when working on her bachelor's thesis on the topic of "Bar models for force transmission on cervicals of wood-concrete composite slabs with infralight concrete." Annemarie Bunar brings her great social and societal commitment into university life outside of her professional studies. Since 2016, for example, she has been helping refugees to deal with the authorities, find accommodation, and visit doctors, as well as practicing the German language. She is particularly committed to helping women with a refugee background who are interested in studying. For them, she is a role model, friend and support at the same time. Since June 2017, she has been working as a student assistant in the International Relations Office on the project "Welcome - Students get involved with refugees".

Tina Helmecke - 2016

Tina Helmecke, the best STEM student at BTU in 2016,

completed her bachelor's degree in biotechnology with excellent results in March 2016 and has been studying for a master's degree in biotechnology with a specialization in bioanalytics since April 2016. In addition, she has been very involved in the Science on Tour Lausitz project. In addition, she mentored a Syrian student, both professionally and privately, and is always willing to support other students.