BTU alumae Read interviews with our successful BTU alumnae.

Catherine Noatschk

"I went to the BTU for the open day and heard a lecture by my current doctoral supervisor, which appealed to me so much that I thought, this is where I want to study." Katharina Noatschk studied physics at BTU and received an award for the best master's thesis in Faculty 1 in 2019. She is now working on her doctorate at BTU in the Computational Physics department of Prof. Götz Seibold on the theory of Cooper pairs in high-temperature superconductors. Her research could help find materials that have properties of superconductors at room temperature, meaning they have virtually zero electrical resistance and generate very strong magnetic fields. This is in contrast to current superconductors, which have to be cooled down to -140 degrees Celsius. Her work could thus make possible the famous flying skateboard from the movie "Back to the Future II," which she also explained in a vivid and entertaining way at the Science Slams of the Night of Creative Minds and the EI(N)FÄLLE satire festival. Not only did the audience learn something in an entertaining way, but Katharina was also deservedly named the winner in each case. Fittingly, she is also the BTU's MINT ambassador, inspiring young prospective students to take up the courses offered by Faculty 1.

Interview with Katharina

Maria-Liisa Bruckert

"It quickly became clear to me what a family-like and multicultural atmosphere there is on campus." Maria-Liisa studied Industrial Engineering and additionally "Regional Sciences Latin America" in her Bachelor's degree at TU Dresden and Power Engineering in her double Master's degree at BTU and NCKU in Tainan. Among others, she worked at Siemens in different departments before she turned her passion into her main profession and founded the HealthTech company SQIN. Here, she is building an AI-based health app and community that promotes long-term health and well-being. AI is enabling the implementation of prevention for the first time, for which she was also just awarded as one of the "Top 20 Women in AI - Germany". She is also on the board of TiE Women, an organization that helps other female founders around the world build their businesses.

Interview with Mariia-Liisa Bruckert

Sherihan Radi

"There is also a family atmosphere between the professors, staff and students." Sherihan comes from Egypt and has gained many years of experience in project management in many internationally operating institutions, including the Goethe Institute in Cairo. She will soon be finishing her PhD at BTU in Social and Behavioural Economics.

Interview with Sherihan Radi

Julia Kaiser

"I find it impressive to see how you can really make a difference with your own commitment." Julia volunteered in Cottbus for many years and began working on social projects as a career changer in 2015. From 2018, she studied social work and successfully graduated in 2022. She currently works at Paritätischer Landesverband Brandenburg e.V. in the office of the Cottbus Volunteer Agency, where she supports people who are committed to integration, tolerance, the environment, children, sports and exercise. Perhaps the interview will also motivate many BTU alumni to get involved in local volunteer work. Julia is your contact there.

Interview with Julia Kaiser