Information on data privacy for users of the BTU CampusApp

­The general information on data protection of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU) can be found at:

The data protection information specific to data processing in the BTU CampusApp is listed below.

Purpose and legal basis of information processing

The "BTU CampusApp" provides members and affiliates of the BTU, especially students, with convenient access to target group-specific information and IT services of the BTU with the primary purpose of supporting teaching and studying. In this sense, the app represents the functionality of a "personal learning environment". The app can be installed and used on mobile devices under the Android or iOS operating system. The use of the App is VOLUNTARY and not mandatory for studying or fulfilling service tasks. However, the app makes everyday university life easier. The app has been developed by the BTU (IKMZ/MMZ).

When the App is downloaded and installed on the user's personal device, the user is authenticated by the respective AppStore via the personal Apple ID or Google account.

Voluntary use of the app under the Android or iOS operating systems therefore requires the corresponding acceptance of the privacy policy and terms of use of Apple ( or Google ( The user is responsible for setting the privacy options offered by Apple or Google.

Categories of personal data processed

The following general categories of personal data are collected and processed in the CampusApp:

  1. Personal data of a user who has a BTU account, which is read from the BTU's LDAP directory when the user logs in (name and first name, e-mail, user name). This data is temporarily stored locally on the user's device, provided the user agrees to this storage. The data is encrypted using device information and is not stored in the backup.
  2. Personal data of the user (student), which is read from the BTU's corresponding IT systems after registration and is only visible to the user (e.g. grades, courses taken, etc.). This data is not stored in the app.
  3. Data read from other BTU IT systems and visible only to the authorized user with a BTU account.
  4. Data entered in the app by the user (e.g. calendar entries).
  5. Technical data (protocol and log files).

Categories of recipients

The data will only be disclosed to the following authorized recipients and only to the extent necessary to fulfill the specific task, and process the respective service operation:

  1. BTU employees who are responsible for the development and administration of the BTU app or the IT systems accessible via the app.
  2. The respective user who can read data relating to him- or herself.
  3. BTU members and employees who have access to information from BTU systems made available to this target group.
  4. Other persons who use the app without a BTU account to access public, freely available BTU information (e.g. news, events, information on a study course, etc.).

Transmissions to a third country or international organization

  1. Any disclosure or use of the user's information in connection with the use of an Apple or Google Account or operating system is subject to the applicable Google or Apple privacy policy. BTU has no influence on this.
  2. If the user actively gives their consent, Google Analytics and Google Crashlytics are used for quality assurance and troubleshooting. For this purpose, Google collects data on the location, App version, and device version as well as statistical data on the use of the functions in the App and crash reports. This data is stored anonymously for a period of 2 months by Google. The storage and processing of this data is subject to Google's privacy policy.
  3. If the user agrees, the app uses the location services of the device. In doing so, the device's operating system may transmit data to Google or Apple on which the App or BTU has no influence. The position determined is processed only locally and is not stored or transmitted.
  4. When using the campus map functionality, the app integrates map material via the Google Maps and Apple Maps API. For this purpose, the IP address, the location and the desired section of the map are transmitted to Google or Apple.

Duration of Storage

  1. Data will only be stored by the BTU for as long as it is necessary for the purpose of data handling, in particular for processing, for legal documentation and as evidence of the transmission itself, and for as long as there is a legal basis for the storage. If the processing purpose or legal basis no longer applies, the personal data shall be deleted immediately (Art. 17GDPR).
  2. If the processing is based on the consent of the respective person, immediate deletion takes place as soon as the person withdraws their consent and there is no other legal basis for the processing (Art. 17GDPR).
  3. The user can delete the data stored in the app on the user's respective device at any time (see below under 3.), e.g. by uninstalling the app itself.
  4. The technical data (protocol and log files) on the BTU's servers will be deleted in accordance with the deadlines set for these services.
  5. The periods of deletion of data stored by Google or Apple are subject to the data protection regulations of the respective provider.

App Permissions

For the technical implementation of the functions provided by the app, some permissions are required. Their use is described below.

  1. Internet and network status
    The app obtains almost all retrievable information from the Internet. To provide and update this information, access to the Internet and the current network status is required.
  2. File system
    The app stores some of the data requested by the user in the file system to allow offline access to it. These files are mainly various retrievable study documents in pdf format, e.g. examination regulations and schedules. The data saved and read by the app is located in a folder created by the app specifically for this purpose. Under no circumstances will the app access files outside this folder.
    Information on files cached by the app is not transferred to BTU's servers or to third parties.
  3. Location information
    For the display of the current location on the campus map and for the optional automatic location-based recognition of the nearest cafeteria (Mensa), the app requires the user's location information. The logging of the location is optional and only takes place if the user has explicitly agreed to it. The user can revoke the approval for the location detection at any time in the app settings of the operating system.
    Location information is neither stored locally nor transmitted to BTU's servers or third parties.
  4. Telephone information
    For the best possible encryption of the data stored by the app, device-related data is used. This data is neither stored locally nor transmitted to BTU's servers or to third parties.

For reasons of better readability, the document does not use masculine, feminine and various language forms at the same time. However, all references to persons apply to all genders.

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