History of Architecture


Dr.-Ing. Peter I. Schneider


Wednesday, week (AB), 17:30 - 19:00
1. meeting: 12.10.2016
Building LG 2B, BU.17

Study Program: module (6 CP)

World Heritage Studies - Master - PO 2006 and PO 2008
module 11377


As a constituent element of human environment buildings are a major category of tangible heritage with regard to urban space, cultural history and local identity. At the same time they are historical sources of their own right bearing information which is not to be obtained from other textual sources. Qualified assessment of historical architecture thus requires an awareness of general canonical knowledge and about specific intellectual concepts at the base of research, of evaluation and of creating historical narratives on architecture. Thus, the module aims at teaching basic knowledge enabling the participants to estimate conceptual traits of projects connected to alternations of historical built fabric in general.

Teaching is based on the experience of classical European architectural history which is presented exemplarily inviting the participants discuss, to reflect and to transfer insights to non-classical or non-European perspectives. Teaching consists of two parts. The first part contains lectures on basic concepts and contents of architectural history. Learnings will be checked by a final examination. The second part expects the participants to exercise assessment with regard to a chosen or a given example. Participants are asked to present the process of their assessment in class and to present their results later in form of a final paper."