Publikationen 2023

  • 23_15
    Combination of multiple operando and in-situ characterization techniques in a single cluster system for atomic layer deposition: Unraveling the early stages of growth of ultrathin Al2O3 films on metallic Ti substrates
    C. Morales, A. Mahmoodinezhad, R. Tschammer, J. Kosto, C. Alvarado Chavarin, M. A. Schubert, C. Wenger, K. Henkel, J. I. Flege
    Inorganics 11 (2023) 477
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_14

    Unraveling the Role of Perovskite in Buried Interface Passivation
    C. Das, R. Roy, M. Kedia, M. Kot, W. Zuo, R. Félix, T. Sobol, J. I. Flege, M. Saliba
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15 (2023) 56500-56610
    Online (DOI)

  • 23_13
    Dynamic Behavior of Tin at Platinum Surfaces during Catalytic CO Oxidation
    H. Wallander, D. Gajdek,  S. Albertin, G. Harlow,  N. Braud, L. Buß, J.-O. Krisponeit, J. I. Flege, J. Falta, E. Lundgren, L. Merte
    ACS Catalysis 13 (2023) 16158-16167
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_12
    Photosensitive and Rectifying Properties of Ga2O3 Described by Polaronic Screened Electrons and Internal Potentials
    D. Schmeißer, K. Müller, K. Henkel
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127 (2023) 23077-23089
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_11
    Coordination Chemistry as a Universal Strategy for a Controlled Perovskite Crystallization
    W. Zuo, M. M. Byranvand, T. Kodalle, M. Zohdi, J. Lim, B. Carlsen, T. M. Friedlmeier, M. Kot, C. Das, J. I. Flege, W. Zong, A. Abate, C. M. Sutter-Fella, M. Li, M. Saliba
    Advanced Materials 35 (2023) 2302889
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_10
    Are Ni/ and Ni5Fe1/biochar catalysts suitable for synthetic natural gas production? A comparison with γ-Al2O3 supported catalysts
    M. González-Castaño, C. Morales, J. C. Navarro de Miguel, J. H. Boelte, O. Klepel, J. I. Flege, H. Arellano-García
    Green Energy & Environment 8 (2023) 744-756
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_09
    Preparation and stability of the hexagonal phase of samarium oxide on Ru(0001)
    E. Pożarowska, L. Pleines, M. Ewert, M. J. Prieto, L. C. Tănase, L. de Souza Caldas, A Tiwari, T. Schmidt, J. Falta, E. Krasovskii, C. Morales, J. I. Flege
    Ultramicroscopy 250 (2023) 113755
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_08

    WO3 Thin-Film Optical Gas Sensors Based on Gasochromic Effect towards Low Hydrogen Concentrations
    M. Mazur, P. Kapuścik, W. Weichbrodt, J. Domaradzki, P. Mazur, M. Kot, J. I. Flege
    Materials 16 (2023) 3831
    Online (DOI)
    Selected as Editor's choice

  • 23_07
    Light Makes Right: Laser Polishing for Surface Modification of Perovskite Solar Cells
    M. Kedia, M. Rai, H. Phirke, C. A. Aranda, C. Das, V. Chirvony, S. Boehringer, M. Kot, M. Malekshahi Byranvand, J. I. Flege, A. Redinger, M. Saliba
    ACS Energy Letters 8 (2023) 2603-2610
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_06
    Reaction Mechanism Development for Methane Steam Reforming on a Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst
    J. Richter, F. Rachow, J. Israel, N. Roth, E. Charlafti, V. Günther, J. I. Flege, F. Mauss
    Catalysts 13 (2023) 884
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_05
    Unraveling van der Waals epitaxy: A real-time in-situ study of MoSe2 growth on graphene/Ru(0001)
    L. Buß, N. Braud, M. Ewert, M. Jugovac, T. O. Menteş, A. Locatelli, J. Falta, J. I. Flege
    Ultramicroscopy 250 (2023) 113749
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_04
    Potential of La-Doped SrTiO3 Thin Films Grown by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy for Thermoelectric Applications
    A. Baki, M. Abdeldayem, C. Morales, J. I. Flege, D. Klimm, O. Bierwagen, J. Schwarzkopf
    Crystal Growth & Design 23 (2023) 2522-2530
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_03
    Hydrogen Gas Sensing Properties of Mixed Copper-Titanium Oxide Thin Films
    E. Mańkowska, M. Mazur, J. Domaradzki, P. Mazur, M. Kot, J. I. Flege

    Sensors 23 (2023) 3822
    Online (DOI)

  • 23_02
    Cleaning and tailoring the Pt3Sn(111) surface for surface experiments
    N. Braud, L. Buß, E. Lundgren, L.R. Merte, H. Wallander, J-O. Krisponeit, A. Locatelli, T.O. Mentes, M. Jugovac, J.I. Flege, J. Falta
    Surface Science 732 (2023) 122281
    Online (DOI)
  • 23_01
    Oxygen Storage by Tin Oxide Monolayers on Pt3Sn(111)
    L. R. Merte, N. B. Braud, L. Buß, M. K. Bisbo, H. J. Wallander, J.-O. Krisponeit, J. I. Flege, B. Hammer, J. Falta, E. Lundgren
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127 (2023) 2988-2994
    Online (DOI)