Urban Dynamics: Challenges of Urban Development in Megacities

Modul Number:  24103 (Urban Planning - Life, Work and Recreation in the Future), 12166 (Planning in International Context), 24412 (Stadtplanung - Wohnen, Arbeiten und Erholen)

Course Number: 640112

Lecturer: Tooska Mosavat

Time: Mondays 14:00 - 18:00

Place: Online

Participants: 18

Registration: Online-Portal and moodle

First Session: Monday, 11.10.2021, 14:00


Our world is becoming more and more urban. Today the urban population already holds a share of more than fifty per cent of the world population - in 2030 this share will increase to more than sixty per cent. The seminar provides insights into the main drivers of these global urbanization processes and their phenomena as well as into upcoming challenges for urban development. Globalization and industrialization, urban growth and migration, environmental degradation and the exposure of urban areas to the impacts of climate change are some of the key issues to be discussed in the seminar. The seminar is held in English and addresses students of the master courses Urban Planning, World Heritage Studies and Urban Design. It is structured into two parts; theoretical knowledge on urban issues and on megacity development is imparted through lectures, and based on that, students will carry out more in-depth research on specific topics and case-studies. The seminar closes with a paper presentation and discussion.