Neural Networks and Learning Theory - Sommersemester 2019

LectureTue11:30 - 13:00HG 0.19Prof. Dr. Klaus Meer
LectureWe09:15 - 10:45HG 2.44Prof. Dr. Klaus Meer
ExerciseFr11:30 - 13:00HG 0.17M. Sc. Ameen Naif

Course information

  • Enrollment: 
    1. electronically for the module
    2. You have to register yourself in Moodle using your BTU account.
        There is no password required, registration can be done immediately.
  • first lecture: 2 April 2019. Here, we shall also discuss potential changes of the lecturing hours.
  • first exercise: 5 April 2019
  • Final exam: The final exam will an oral one. More details will be given during the course.

Additional Literature

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