Publikationen in Zeitschriften

74.“New insights into boron species in acidic digestion solutions of boron-doped silicon”
A. Rietig, H.-J. Grafe, J. Acker
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73.“Strain enhanced chemical oxidation of silicon wafer”
S. Herold, J. Acker
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S. Schönekerl, J. Acker
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T. Langner, T. Sieber, J. Acker
Sci Rep 11, 6316 (2021)
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S. Herold, J. Acker
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S. Schönekerl, J. Acker
Nanomaterials 10 (2020) 2545
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T. Langner, A. Rietig, J. Acker
J Raman Spectrosc., 51 (2020) 366-372
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A. Rietig, T. Langner, J. Acker
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B. Meinel, T. Langner, P. Preis, T. Sieber, E. Wefringhaus, J. Acker
Solar Energy 193 (2019) 395–402
65.“Measurement of the temperature dependence of lattice deformations in silicon using Raman microscopy”
S. Herold, J. Acker
J. Appl. Phys. 126, (2019) 035103
64.“Electroless deposited platinum antennas for wireless surface acoustic wave sensors”
E. Brachmann, M. Seifert, N. Neumann, N. Alshwawreh, M. Uhlemann, S. Menzel, J. Acker, S. Herold, V. Hoffmann, T. Gemming
Materials 12 (2019) 1002-1014
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T. Langner, T. Sieber, J. Acker
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J. Acker, T. Langner, B. Meinel, T. Sieber
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A. Rietig, J. Acker
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Thin Solid Films 612 (2016) 322–326
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J. Acker, S. Bücker, V. Hoffmann
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H.-J. Grafe, W. Löser, S. Schmitz, M. Sakaliyska, S. Wurmehl,
S. Eisert, B. Reichenbach, J. Acker, A. Rietig, J. Ducke, T. Müller
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B. Meinel, T. Koschwitz, R. Heinemann, J. Acker
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S. Bücker, V. Hoffmann, J. Acker
Current Analytical Chemistry 10 (2014) 426 - 434
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J. Acker, S. Bücker, V. Hoffmann
Current Analytical Chemistry 10 (2014) 418-425
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B. Meinel, T. Koschwitz, C. Blocks, J. Acker
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J. Acker, T. Koschwitz, B. Meinel, R. Heinemann, C. Blocks
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T. Koschwitz, B. Meinel, J. Acker
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B. Meinel, T. Koschwitz, J. Acker
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S. Bücker, J. Acker
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V. Hoffmann, M. Steinert, J. Acker
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R. Schönfelder, M.H. Rümmeli, W. Gruner, M. Löffler, J. Acker, V. Hoffmann, T. Gemming, B. Büchner, T. Pichler
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J. Acker, A. Henßge
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A. Henßge, J. Acker
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N. Mattern, R. Seyrich, L. Wilde, C. Baehtz, M. Knapp, J. Acker
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W. Weinreich, J. Acker, I. Gräber
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M. Steinert, J. Acker, S. Oswald, K. Wetzig
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31."Determination of manganese valency in La1-xSrxMnO3 using ELNES in the (S)TEM"
T. Riedl, T. Gemming, W. Gruner, J. Acker, K. Wetzig
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K. Biswas, R. Hermann, J. Das, J. Priede, G. Gerbeth, J. Acker
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K. Biswas, R. Hermann, O. Filip, J. Acker, G. Gerbeth, J. Priede
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J. Acker, G. Krabbes
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M. Stangl, J. Acker, V. Dittel, W. Gruner, V. Hoffmann, S. Oswald, K. Wetzig
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13.Influence of nitrogen content on the crystallization behavior of thin Ta-Si-N diffusion barriers"
R. Hübner, M. Hecker, N. Mattern, A. Voss, J. Acker, V. Hoffmann, K. Wetzig, H.-J. Engelmann, E. Zschech, H. Heuer, Ch. Wenzel
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J. Acker, K. Bohmhammel
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S. Strehle, S. Menzel, H. Wendrock, J. Acker, K. Wetzig
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9.Study of the (001) cleavage planes of guanidinium methane sulfonate crystals by AFM and He diffraction"
G. Bracco, Y. Hu, J. Acker, M.D. Ward
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J. Acker, K. Bohmhammel
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E. Henneberg, J. Acker, I. Röver, G. Roewer, K. Bohmhammel
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J. Acker, K. Bohmhammel
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J. Acker, G.J.K. van den Berg, K. Bohmhammel, Ch. Kloc, J.C. van Miltenburg
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1."Thermodynamic properties of iron silicides FeSi and alpha- FeSi2"
J. Acker, G.J.K. van den Berg, K. Bohmhammel, Ch. Kloc, J.C. van Miltenburg
J. Chem. Thermodynamics 31 (1999) 1523-1536

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