Online Workshop: Understanding the Basics of Artificial Intelligence (EN)

Kursbereich 3: »Wissenschaftliche Methoden«

Target Group

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers of all research areas


In this course, participants will learn how to find answers to these questions:

  • What is the background to the field of artificial intelligence?
  • What is the meaning behind terms such as AI and machine learning?
  • What are the opportunities and risks of AI?
  • What kind of added value can be generated by using artificial intelligence?
  • How does an AI project work?
  • What do successful AI projects look like?
  • What are the use cases?
  • How do we identify successful use cases?

During the training, participants will have the opportunity to review and reinforce what they have learned through interactive exercises so that they can later work independently with the methods they have learned. At the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to outline a use case for their research area for discussion with the trainer and other participants.

Trainer - Martin Schneider (eoda GmbH)

Martin Schneider has been working as Senior Data Scientist at eoda GmbH in Kassel since 2012. His main activities are data analysis projects and empowering people in data science.


  • 8 October 2024, 8:00 – 17:00 h (incl. 1 h lunch break)


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