Collect reactions with audience response systems

Context - Problem - Solution


The focus on learner-centeredness implies actively integrating participants in lectures and seminars (virtual & face-to-face), even with larger numbers of participants.


The concentration and activity of students often wanes during longer, frontal lectures because the participants are not very involved.


Voting Systems are used to activate and involve learners. By using an audience response system (ARS), participants can be actively involved in the event. The teacher asks questions and those present respond simultaneously and usually anonymously with the help of electronic devices (e.g. notebook, smartphone).

Tips for practice

  • With particify (a spin-off of the TH Mittelhessen) you can start live surveys, live quizzes, scale questions, sorting questions and smiley quick surveys. At the same time, you can also use this system to have your students address questions and comments to you, the lecturer.
  • Similar systems hosted by German universities are invote (TU Dresden) and Pingo (University of Paderborn ).
  • ARSnovaRUB is interesting for engineering study programmes. As a license-free open source offer of the Ruhr University Bochum, LaTeX answers can be entered here. Use the installation of the TUB as a guest.
  • The basic version of Mentimeter, offered by a Swedish company, is available free of charge. This visually appealing, intuitive tool offers the features of the aforementioned tools as well as the creation of word clouds and stepless scales.
    Note: The ARS "ARSnova" presented in the video is now called "particify" and its layout has been completely modernized!

Examples from practice

  • Video: "ACTIVATING STUDENTS" (Malte Persike, Quickstarter) the section "Audience Response System" (22:06min)

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