M.Sc. Luis Costero Sánchez

Akademischer Mitarbeiter


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Aufgaben am Fachgebiet
        • Interaction Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamics and Structural Analysis (HFSI) in gas turbine engines (rotor, blade, guide vane)
        • Conjugate Heat Transfer methods
        • Reduced Order Models methods in aero thermal systems
        • Numerical optimization methods (Design of Experiments-DoE, Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm-MOGA, Pareto-Front, Adjoint solver, Free-Form Deformation)
        • Topology optimization of stator components in aero engine
        • Use and combination of Open-Source tools (LINUX, C++, Python) to optimise the working methods and reduce the computation time with HPC (High Performance Computing)

        Since 2016

        PhD researcher at the Chair of aero engine design (Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Höschler)

        Institute of Transport Technology,

        Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg

        Rolls Royce University Technology Centre (UTC)

        2014 – 2016

        Rotor Modul Lead Designer (ANECOM/FERCHAU

        2012 - 2014

        Master of Science studies: Computational Engineering (Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin)

        Internship and master thesis (CFX Berlin Software): “Examination of the adjoint solver in ANSYS Fluent”




        Mechanical Design Engineer (ALTRAN)

        Main projects:

        • Design model/mock up (HTP and VTP) to test in wind tunnel (A350, A30X, A350XWB)
        • Detailed design of the Spanish Unmanned Aerial Vehicle DIANA (INTA)
        • Satellite radiant elements design (filter and antennas) (RYMSA)
        • Detailed design of a cylinder-parabolic solar tracker EUROTROUGH (MECASOLAR)

        1997 - 2005

        Mechanical Engineer studies (ETSII-UPM, Madrid)

        2004 - 2005

        Internship and master thesis (Patentes Talgo) :"Design of the mechanical brake system for automatic gauge system in the 6 and 7 series coaches"