Patrícia Gallo Barbosa Lima, MSc.

PhD Researcher - Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
Environmental and Resource Management PhD Programme
Department Civil Law and Public Law with References to the Law of Europe and the Environment


Patrícia Gallo Barbosa Lima, I am a forester and engineer, graduated at the University of São Paulo and achieved a Master Degree at the Technische Universität Dresden, where I studied management of tropical forests.

I am currently PhD researcher at the Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg, Department of Civil and Public Law with Special References to Environmental and European Law.

From the years 2006 to 2009 I was a staff member of Plant Environmental Intelligence. In 2004 I came to the United States as part of an internship program to work for one year as a visiting scientist at the Southern Forest Tree Nursery Management Cooperative - School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University.

I have great interest in culture, history, music and languages. I speak aside from my mother language Portuguese, also English, German and Spanish.


Brazil in global forest politics: the Brazilian initiative of implementing a national strategy on REDD+ policies

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