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Charlotte Gerling, M.Sc.

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Raum LG 10/534g

Field of Research

biodiversity conservation, agri-environment schemes, payments for ecosystem services (PES), climate change, ecological-economic modelling, (grassland) biodiversity


Peer reviewed publications

  • Martin Drechsler, Charlotte Gerling, Klaus Keuler, Johannes Leins, Astrid Sturm und Frank Wätzold (2021): A quantitative approach for the design of robust and cost-effective conservation policies under uncertain climate change: The case of grasshopper conservation in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in Journal of Environmental Management 296, 113201. (Link)
  • Charlotte Gerling, Frank Wätzold (2020): An economic evaluation framework for land‐use‐based conservation policy instruments in a changing climate, Conservation Biology (Link)
  • C. Gerling et al. (2019) "Modeling the co-evolution of natural, economic and governance subsystems in integrated agri-ecological systems: Perspectives and challenges", Ecological Complexity 40 (A),100792 (Link)
  • Charlotte Gerling, Astrid Sturm and Frank Wätzold: Ecological-economic modelling to compare the impact of organic and conventional farming on endangered grassland bird and butterfly species,  Agricultural Systems Volume 173, July 2019, pages 424-434 (Link)

Scientific Policy Advice

  • 1. Policy Brief of the Ecoclimb project: Artenschutz in Agrarlandschaften unter Klimawandel –Empfehlungen zur Ausgestaltung von Politikinstrumenten (Species Conservation in agricultural landscapes under climate change - reccomendations for the design of policy instruments) (Link)


  • Gerling, C. & Wätzold, F. 2019. Beständigkeit oder Flexibilität? Konzeptionelle Bewertung von naturschutzpolitischen Instrumenten zum Artenschutz bei Klimawandel. In: H. Korn, H. Dünnfelder, & R. Schliep (Hrsg.): Biodiversität und Klima – Vernetzung der Akteure in Deutschland XV. BfN-Skripten 536. (Link)
  • Gerling, Charlotte (2018). Auswirkungen von biologischer Landwirtschaft auf Grünlandbiodiversität im Rahmen eines Agrarumweltprogramms. In: H. Korn, H. Dünnfelder & R.  Schliep. (Hrsg.): "Treffpunkt Biologische Vielfalt XVI - Interdisziplinärer Forschungsaustausch im Rahmen des Übereinkommens über die biologische Vielfalt", BfN-Skripten 487, Bundesamt für Naturschutz:  Bonn- Bad Godesberg, S. 15-20. ISBN 978-3-89624-224-2 (Link).

Working Paper

  • Charlotte Gerling, Martin Drechsler, Klaus Keuler, Johannes Leins, Kai Radtke, Björn Schulz, Astrid Strum, and Frank Wätzold (2021): Cost-effective conservation in the face of climate change: combining ecological-economic modelling and climate science for the cost-effective spatio-temporal allocation of conservation measures in agricultural landscapes (Link)
  • Charlotte Gerling, Astrid Strum, and Frank Wätzold (2020): The impact of climate change on the profit-maximising timing of grassland use and conservation costs (Link)
  • Gerling, Charlotte and Wätzold, Frank (2019): Evaluating policy instruments for the conservation of biodiversity in a changing climate. (Link)
  • Charlotte Gerling, Astrid Sturm and Frank Wätzold (2017): The impact of organic farming on endangered birds and butterflies: applying an ecological-economic model. (Link)


  • Conference Presentation: "Modelling the cost-effective spatio-temporal allocation of conservation measures in agricultural landscapes facing climate change", presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE 2021). June 23-25, 2021.
    • Chair of the Session "Biodiversity Conservation II"
  • Presentation of "Design of policy instruments under climate change" at the project-workshop "Ecological-economic perspectives on policy instruments for the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes with climate change" together with the Alfred Töpfer Akademie für Naturschutz within the project Ecoclimb on 15. and 16.6.2021
  • Presentation: "A coupled climate-ecological-economic model to assess the impact of climate change on cost-effective conservation: the case of the large marsh grasshopper" at the international workshop "Economics of Biodiversity Conservation under Climate Change", 17. and 18.3.2020, Lübbenau/Cottbus/online
  • Presentation: "Permanence or Flexibility? A Conceptual Analysis of Policy Instruments  for Biodiversity Protection under Climate Change", on the 19.09.2018 at  the "BfN-Conference Biodiversity and Climate - networking of the actors  in Germany XV" organised by the Federal Agency of Nature Conservation on  the island Vilm.
  • Conference Presentation by Charlotte Gerling: "The Impact of Organic Farming on Biodiversity in the Context of an Agri-environment Scheme" at the "World Conference of Natural Resource Modeling 2018" on the 11.6.18 in Guangzhou, China- Winner of the prize for the "best student presentation".
  • Presentation: "Auswirkungen von biologischer Landwirtschaft auf Grünlandbiodiversität im Rahmen eines Agrarumweltprogramms" at the Interdisciplinary Science Meeting on the UN CBD framework (Interdisziplinären Wissenschaftstagung zur Biodiversitätsforschung im Rahmen des UN-Übereinkommens über die biologische Vielfalt (CBD)) at Vilm, Germany, 23.08.17
  • Ökonomie der Landnutzung und Wasserbewirtschaftung
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Evaluation
Curriculum Vitae

currently Ecoclimb: Economics of climate adaptation for biodiversity conservation

06/2017-05/2018 AgriTip: Modelling the co-evolution of socio-economic and ecological systems in Agriculture to develop early warning systems for Tipping points

since 11/2016
Chair of Environmental Economics at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Master of Science (Environmental and Resource Management), BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Topic of Masterthesis: Applying DSS Ecopay to Analyse the Impact of Organic Farming on Endangered Bird and Butterfly Species

Internship at Arqum GmbH (Energyauditing)

Hilfskraft at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (homepage Environmental Management, promotion, research)

Internship and project assistant at Arqum GmbH (Environmental, Energy and Sustainabilitymanagement)

Year abroad at Universidad de Jaén, Spain

Bachelor of Science (Majors: Environmental Studies, Development Studies) at Victoria University of Wellington, Neuseeland

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