Member of the Academic Staff

Dr.-Ing. Gancho Genchev

Group member Technology Transfer / Simulation

T +49 (0) 355 69 6086
F +49 (0) 355 69 5152
Forschungszentrum 3H / Room 2.16

Visiting hours by prior appointment

Research focus

  • Technology transfer
  • Welding-induced residual stresses
  • Analysis of temperature fields
  • Welding thermomechanical simulation

Member of the academic staff in the project SpreeTec neXt

Work as a consultant for the BTU's profile line "Energy transition and decarbonization"

Doctorate at the BTU on the topic "Finite element analysis of multi-layer welds"

Industrial work as a calculation engineer for structural mechanics in steam turbines

Academic staff member at LFT with a research focus on "Thermo-mechanical simulation of multi-layer welds"

Diploma thesis at the Chair of Joining Technology: "Sensitivity analysis of welding thermomechanical simulation - investigation of the effect of numerical and parameter errors".

Study of mechanical engineering at BTU Cottbus, major in lightweight construction and virtual production