Base The base provides the T-cell interface to the public supply network.

As the interface to the public supply network, the base houses the remote heat connection and the fuel connection as well as the power input and water supply for the plant. Moreover, it serves as the housing for the plant switching technology and battery storage, to ensure the performance dynamics of the T-cell. Maintenance of the T-cell can take place directly from the base, through an inspection opening in the cover plate. As such, the turbo system and post-oxidation/reformer components can be accessed without the need to dismantle the entire machine.

With the design in waterproof concrete with a high level of prefabrication, the base has a short construction time and a low maintenance cost. Its underground position keeps public areas free of disruptive technical equipment and provides opportunities for use of the T-cell even in public areas with limited space, such as at local public transport stops.