The "Cottbus Geophysical Facility 1" (CoGeoF1)

also/formally known as Baroclinic Wave Tank and MetStröm Experiment

Further Information

Prof. apl. Dr. habil. Uwe Harlander
T +49 (0) 355 69 5121
F +49 (0) 355 69 4891
LG3A, Raum 135

inner radius ri70, 45 [mm]
outer radius ro120 [mm]
liquid hight d≤150 [mm]
gap width50, 75 [mm]
radi ratio η0.6, 0.375
Taylor-Number Ta104-108, 105-109
inner rotation rate Ωi[rpm]
outer rotation rate ΩoΩo = Ωi
thermical Rosby-Number Ro0.01-51, 0.006-21
Taylor number

\[Ta= {{4 \cdot \Omega^2 \cdot (b-a)^5} \over {\nu^2 \cdot d}}\]

Rossby number

\[Ro= {{g \cdot d \cdot \alpha \Delta T} \over {\Omega^2 \cdot (b-a)^2}}\]