ICTW2021 Internatioinal Couette-Taylor Workschop 2021

The 21st International Couette-Taylor Workshop will be virtual this year! It
will take place 5-9 July 2021 each day at 13:00-17:00 Central European
Time. This should allow motivated participants from the eastern US to Japan
to attend. (Very motivated participants from other time zones are also
welcome, of course.) Virtual ICTW21 will be entirely free.

There will be contributed talks, keynote talks, and time for socializing
(as well as we can arrange via internet). The keynote speakers are

Marc Avila (Bremen)
Christophe Gissinger (ENS Paris)
Palona Guiterrez-Castillo (Málaga)
Grégoire Lemoult (Le Havre)
Elena Marensi (IST Austria)
Masato Nagata (Kyoto)
Rodolfo Ostilla (Houston)
Michael Schatz (Georgia Tech)

You can stay up to date on what is planned for ICTW21 via the conference

On the website under "Registration" you can register your interest in
attending ICTW21 and in possibly giving a short talk. (You can change your
answer to this later and the title is not requested at this point.)

You can also make inquiries by writing to ictw2021(at)gmail.com

Please forward this email to possibly interested colleagues.

The last ICTW took place in 2018 (in Marseille) so it is time for us to
gather again to meet new and old friends and colleagues and to see what
everyone has been doing over the last three years!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Sebastian Altmeyer, Sander Huisman and Laurette Tuckerman

Organizers of ICTW21