Course B3: Standards and technical rules


  • General information about standards and technical rules (definition & legal reference)
  • DIN - drafting process, abbreviations, harmonised standards and research in the Nautos
  • ISO - Drafting process, abbreviations and other publications
  • Search tips & tricks
  • Access to full texts and advanced search options


approx. 60-90 minutes


In summer semester 2024 you can use our self-study course in Moodle. It contains 3 lectures with a total length of just under 23 minutes as well as approx. 30-60 minutes of exercises (depending on personal database handling skills).

Individual consultations via Webex can be booked via our Ask an expert page.


Dipl.-Bibl. (FH) Liane Haensch
T +49 (0)355 69 2467