Course D5: Research data

D5-1: Research data management


Research data management (RDM) refers to the process of transforming, selecting and storing research data with the aim of making them accessible, re-usable and reproducible independently from the data author for a long period of time. This course gives an introduction to the main aspects and recommendations for research data management.
Topics: ·

  • Why Research Data Management?
  • Funding Guidelines
  • Data formats and Metadata
  • Long Term Archivation and Repositories
  • Publication, Persistent Identifiers


Approx. 90 minutes


During the summer semester 2023, we offer the following dates:

Dates will follow soon.

Additionally you can do this course as a self-study course in Moodle (in German).

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D5-2: Data management plan

In this workshop you will learn how to write a Data Management Plan according to funder standards (Horizon2020, DFG, BMBF etc.).


Approx. 90 minutes


Appointments and workshops can be arranged individually in German and in English as online courses (live) via BigBlueButton and on all three library locations.


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