In all three libraries you can find lockable Carrels. They will primarily be rented to BTU C-S students and research associates for writing scientific papers. This includes dissertations, master and bachelor theses or post doctoral theses.

Central Library

On the 6th floor you can find 14 lockable carrels each equipped with a PC. They can be rented for a maximum of 8 weeks for a rental fee of 15€.


Assigment of the Carrels

  •  at the service desk
    Monday - Thursday 10 am - 7 pm ; Friday 10 am -3:30 pm
  • at the loandesk
    Saturday 9 am - 1 pm

Please register ahead, when you would like to rent a carrel.

Libraries in Senftenberg and Sachsendorf

At both locations you can find 5 lockable carrels, which you can rent for free for 1 month.

For students, they are also available outside the opening hours of the libraries.

For renting a carrel and other information please contact the informationdesk:

  • Information desk - Campus Senftenberg
    T +49 3573 85-304
  • Loan desk - Campus Sachsendorf
    T +49 0355 5818-303