PhD student

Robert Hering
Lecture buidling 2 C, room 210a 
Konrad-Wachsmann-Allee 6
03046 Cottbus
Phone: 0355 / 69-43 05 Fax: 0355 / 69-22 25
E-Mail: hering(at)

Field of research

Research in the field of carcass ecology sparked my interest in the ecological processes involving large herbivores. The remarkable range of ways in which these animals shape our ecosystems captivate my attention. Especially aspects of vegetation dynamics, arthropod diversity, and ungulate movements fascinate me. My primary goal is to enhance our understanding of these processes, uncover new insights, and ultimately, safeguard and restore our ecosystems through my research.

Academic history

since 2023 Project coordinator in RIBS | BTU

since 2019 PhD candidate in the BMBF project "ORYCS" | University of Potsdam (dissertation on antelope movements and vegetation feedbacks)

2017/18 Research assistant at the University of Potsdam (field studies, data analysis, publication)

2017 Master of Science in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation | University of Potsdam (thesis on beetles along a land use intensity gradient in Namibia)

2013 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences | University of Oldenburg (final thesis on carbids on a sandbank island)

2009 Voluntary Ecological Year at the BTU at the Chair of General Ecology


Ecological Society of America