Sponsorship award of the association "Frauenhilfswerk Cottbus e.V."

Sponsorship award of the association "Frauenhilfswerk Cottbus e.V.".

The association "Frauen-Hilfswerk Cottbus e.V." has been a regional service organization of working women with socio-political commitment for 22 years. The association deals with questions of the legal, social and professional position of women and is committed to improving the living conditions for women and girls.

The women of the association are particularly committed to:

  • unhindered access to education and training for women and girls, as well as qualification for leadership roles,
  • economic independence and permanent employment opportunities for women,
  • the best possible care and medical treatment for women and children.

The sponsorship award is given to a female student of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, who is committed in a special way both during her studies and beyond in the above sense.


The prize is endowed with € 1,000.

Participation requirements

This promotion award is announced for female students of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. The criteria for the announcement of the award "Förderpreis des Vereins Frauenhilfswerk Cottbus e.V."

Information for the deanery

Please send the application documents by e-mail to gleichstellung+foerderung(at)b-tu.de.


The deadline for submission is February 29, 2024. Only complete application documents submitted by the deadline will be considered.

General information from the BTU on the sponsorship award from the "Frauenhilfswerk Cottbus e.V." association

Contact for questions and feedback on funding:

Birgit Hendrischke